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Water, a precious and primary asset for our survival.

Although it covers two thirds of the earth's surface, only a small part (0.008%) can be used for food or agricultural purposes. Access to drinking water, essential for individual and collective health, is fairly obvious, but its daily waste and degree of pollution is not yet well known.

The political decisions of recent years, translated into national rules, regulations and legislative measures, have had and continue to have the final objective of protecting this asset by guaranteeing its quality, quantity, continuity and sustainable costs.

In recent years, the WHO has introduced a new holistic approach (sWater Safety Plans, WSP) which shifts the focus from the retrospective control of the water distributed to the prevention and management of risks in the drinking water supply chain, extended from collection to the tap.

Thus we move from an approach mainly focused on verifying the conformity of the finished product (water at the delivery point) to the creation of a global risk assessment and management system that covers the entire water supply chain, imposing checks and assessments of each evidence and plausibility of dangerous events and chemical, microbiological, physical and radiological hazards also with respect to emerging contaminants, not subject to routine control.

Today, fortunately, knowledge of the problem is growing more and more and citizens and the community as a whole are being stimulated to adopt ever more virtuous attitudes. Our company actively participates in the health control chain for the community through innovative paths and has dedicated itself to developing specific applications aimed mainly at the quality of drinking water, mineral water and waste water which cover and will cover in the future an ever more and more for their reuse.

In support of the actors involved in this supply chain, all the kits proposed in this section are developed with the aim of having fast and reliable screening tools, such as to allow timely interventions in the event of deviation of the parameters sought from the imposed limits.

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